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    Job/experience comes first

    It is a great notion that to start a career a candidate must have the knowledge of specific job. It is a great idea but experience only of job is not sufficient to be hired at a specific post. Many other experiences are considered before hiring a candidate. The most important experience is basically that experience through which a person can get his skills polished. Every company has its own technological skills. They use different software. Knowledge of software is important, but the generic skills are most important to get any job.

    Different ways are there to get experience. Social networking is a way to gain experience. Having terms with different personalities gives you an edge to deal different persons differently. These terms are basically polishing your communication skills and cognitive skills to deal with different psyches. Volunteer ship is a way to gain experience. Working voluntary also gives you an edge to work under different circumstances. Different people have different interests. To meet with their interest, they can start their career by their own. To enhance their skills, they can use social sites. Final year project is the most important tool to show that whether you are experienced or not. If a person completes his thesis by researching himself, he can gain experience. So, to boost your experience, you must complete your thesis by yourself.

     For example, if a person consider himself a great writer, he can start writing on different contents and can post his writing on social media sites. Different people will read this and give him feedback to make his writings more attractive. You can boost your own writings with the help of reviews on a specific post.  Similarly, if a person has interest in blogging, he can use different social media sites like Instagram, FaceBook and twitter. So, to boost your experience, social media sites are a great tool.

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